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New Body Miracle Review

Although the way we look is in no way an indicator of what kind of people we are, there is no denying that it is important to please others with our appearance. Individuals who look more presentable on a general note are able to access more opportunities not only in the social realm but also in terms of their career. Of course, no one wants to admit this reality but there are advantages to looking a certain way.

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New Body Miracle Review

One of the biggest body image problems that many people have is their weight. According to recent studies, overweight individuals are more likely to feel insecure and less self-confident than their normal weight counterparts. The result is that they fail to succeed in their chosen field and prefer to blend with the background rather than standout in a crowd. Another problem posed by weighing more than you should is that it could be a potential threat to your health and well-being. There are too many stories of people getting hospitalized (or worse) for simply eating the wrong food and failing to maintain a certain number on a scale.

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If you want to take your weight back into your own hands, you should definitely use the New Body Miracle System to help you towards a happier, healthier, and better you.

More about the New Body Miracle

Lots of diets and nutrition plans offered to dieters and health buffs are often made of completely unrealistic meals that aren’t only tedious to prepare but are also ineffective when it comes to weight loss. The general idea when it comes to losing weight is that you shouldn’t actually deprive your body of nutrients and vitamins, rather you should choose the right food that doesn’t have the harmful chemicals and preservatives that others are often packed with. The New Body Miracle System focuses on giving you information on the right food options that won’t sap your diet of enjoyment, but rather, take away all the unnecessary and often harmful components that you intake.

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New Body Miracle by Blair Moore

Today, millions of people have already joined in on the New Body Miracle System and have taken advantage of the numerous benefits and real results that this system offers. The New Body Miracle System is available for purchase online and will become available immediately upon purchase on your smart phone, tablet, or computer so you won’t have to wait long delivery periods before your product arrives. The New Body Miracle System knows that time is of the essence when it comes to your health and wellness, and that’s why you can get your hands on this product today as soon as you make that payment.

Millions of others have enjoyed the benefits of improved health and wellness with the New Body Miracle System, so why not join in on the bandwagon? Find out more about this amazing guide today and bring yourself towards a happier, healthier, and better you.

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5 Snacks Under 150 Calories

Snacking between meals is not a thing of the past; neither is it a horrible idea contrary to what some dieters may believe. The best and most satisfying snacks are well balanced while also tasting great and keeping you full for a longer period of time. Below are five snacks that are only 150 calories but taste like a whole lot more!

Veggies with Dip: grabbing the powered onion soup mix and mixing it in with one cup of low-fat yogurt will give your veggies a whole new meaning for delicious. This treat is rich in calcium and low in calories. Dipping and munching 8 celery or green pepper sticks with the dip brings you to 150 calories.

Mediterranean Pasta Salad: this snack takes advances preparation but it’s totally worth the work and the wait! Cooking half a cup of pasta and steaming half a cup of frozen veggies are just the beginning of this filling snack’s ingredients. A tablespoon of feta cheese and two tablespoons of light dressing will add to the flavor-rich combination. The best thing about this salad is that not only do you get the perfect balance of carbs, protein, fat, and fiber, but you also won’t feel guilty about having such a multi-ingredient snack because it’s only calories!

Dark Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries: what would appear to be a devilish indulgence is simply a healthy and light treat. The dark chocolate provides all the antioxidants you need with extra cholesterol-reducing fats and the strawberries will give you the right amount of fiber for the day’s snack time. But both of these perfections will give in to your sweet tooth cravings and not make you take the stairs for a week. An ounce of melted dark chocolate and about 5-6 medium sized strawberries comes out to 150 calories. Enjoy!

Minestrone Soup: this might sound like a whole meal but half of a can of minestrone is such a great satisfying snack! The beans will give you the fiber and protein you need to keep yourself full. Adding 2 teaspoons of grated Parmesan cheese will not only add a flavor boost but it won’t go over that 150-calorie limit.

Popcorn with a Bang: popping a mini bag of low-fat popcorn has both very few calories and no taste. However,  a few sprays of butter-flavored spray and savory herb seasonings will be just the thing that keeps you right at the 150-calorie mark while also satisfying your cravings!

Pass along these great snacking tips to fellow coworkers and soon the whole office will be snacking in the most delicious and healthiest ways!

24 Ways That Sugar Slowly Destroys Your Health

It is almost imperceptible, virtually invisible and to most, it is unknowingly destroying their health. This little white granule may be one of the most silent and deadly destroyers of health known to humankind. Why is that? Well think about the fact that almost every processed food known to Americans has some type of sugar. Think about the fact that sugar is not natural it is manmade. White granulated sugar comes from sugar cane, but it doesn’t even remotely resemble the natural form.

You may wonder how sugar slowly destroys your health, so here’s a list of 24 ways:

1. Excess sugar can cause you to produce too much acid, which causes an acidic digestive tract.
2. Sugar decreases the absorption of both calcium and magnesium.
3. Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein.
4. Sugar can cause you to age prematurely.
5. Excess sugar can destroy your teeth, eventually leading to tooth decay.
6. Sugar enhances and accelerates the growth of Candida Albicans, which causes yeast infections.
7. Sugar has a negative impact on Collagen and promotes the premature aging of skin.
8. Sugar can damage your pancreas.
9. Sugar increases your body’s fluid retention.
10. Sugar can make your tendons weaker, thus causing joint inflammation.
11. Sugar can cause migraine headaches.
12. Sugar impairs adrenal gland function.
13. Sugar can cause low birth rates in babies.
14. Sugar can increase the estradiol levels in young men (those still developing into manhood).
15. Your body converts sugar into fat at 200 to 500% times that rate of starch.
16. Sugar is an addictive substance.
17. Sugar causes higher blood pressure in obese people.
18. Sugar can contribute to diabetes and worsen diabetic conditions in those that already have it.
19. Sugar can contribute to the skin condition eczema, in children.
20. Sugar causes your LDL (Low Density Lipids) levels to rise.
21. Sugar causes food allergies.
22. Sugar can increase your systolic blood pressure levels.
23. Sugar causes hyperactivity and mood swings in children.
24. Sugar can weaken your vision.

Now you may be wondering at this point if I have anything good at all to say about sugar. Well, actually I do, “it makes your food tastes sweeter.” Outside of that, if I’m to be honest, sugar has no real nutritive value and it really does much more harm than good. The elimination of sugar in the diet, will invariably have positive health benefits.

When you eliminate or decrease your sugar levels, there will be withdrawal symptoms. You may experience headaches, anger, depression, mood swings and other negative side effects, but once you get past this initial period you will start to experience a stronger metabolism, healthier immune system and a general feeling of well-being. In addition, you will have several other short and long-term health benefits that will improve your health, fitness and mental clarity.

When you think of these 24 ways that sugar slowly destroys your health, you can’t help but realize that on the flip side…eliminating sugar will improve your health those 24 ways as well.

Best Ways to Build Up Your Body without the Pain of the Gym

After what feels like the longest 8 hours ever at work, nothing will sound worse than the idea of 2 hours at the gym. Except maybe the huge dent it will leave in your pay packet.

However, there are loads of workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home or out in the big wide world, and without a treadmill in sight. There are also lots of natural supplements available too, to help optimise your performance.

We’ve compiled a list of the most effective ways to bulk up without a single trip to the gym, which even the exercise newbies amongst us can soon master:

1. The equipment-free six pack routine

There’s no excuse for skipping sessions with this one, as all you need to rely on is your body strength and weight. By combining a regime of press-ups, plank walk-outs, rolling and bear crawls, you can soon have the washboard abs of a god. Personal trainer Peter Parasiliti gives you the low-down on perfecting the techniques in this simple but effective workout.

2. Invest in a set of dumb-bells

Ok, I know we said we were aiming to keep the funds in our bank account, but a decent set of dumb-bells can be a really good investment in your goal for the ultimate physique. By mixing up a regime with a range of reps working on your chest, biceps, back and triceps, you’ll soon reap the benefits. Also with a combo of lunges and squats, dumb-bells can also be used to target leg muscle build-up. Aim for between 8-15 reps and between 2-5 sets working on each area, and you’ll soon see what we mean by investment.

3. Take up an alternative sport

If the idea of hitting the gym and weaving between sweaty men staring at themselves in the mirror as they lift fills you with dread, you could try a sport instead. And we’re not talking just football, cricket or basketball. There are thousands of sports out there that are more exciting, and provide a more intense workout. Search what’s available in your local area, and you could soon be kayaking, snowboarding, mountain biking or even scuba diving in no time.

4. Get out doors

Apart for being great for appreciating the wonders of nature, exercising outdoors has a number of benefits for both our physiques and our health. Especially at this time of year, going for a run in the cool outdoors has been said to improve your endurance rates, boost your immune system and increase your blood circulation; reducing your risk of heart disease. Going for a sprint in the cold can also help train your body to use oxygen more efficiently, and can therefore increase your speed and your general fitness, which will be great for your dumb-bell routine.

5. Don’t forget the importance of progression

Progression of the weight that you lift and the intensity of your workouts are crucial for muscle building. Pushing yourself that little bit harder at each workout can be anything from adding/lifting extra weight, an extra couple of reps or a few more minutes on the sprint. However, it’s important to realise your limit for a certain time, ensuring that you don’t cause an injury.

6. Find a good protein supplement

Using a whey protein supplement isn’t cheating; it’s a natural tool to aid you on your hunt to perfection. Find a reliable one and you will find your recovery time improves, allowing you to train harder and build more muscle at no extra effort to you. Proven to be 70% better than egg whites, LA Muscle whey protein is a one-of-a-kind supplement for this type of goal, and the best form of protein that your muscles crave.

Top 10 Homemade Protein Bars to Bulk You Up

Making homemade protein bars is the best way to keep your body bulky without hurting your budget. Aside from saving money, you can also control the nutritional contents of your workout snacks.

Are you ready to make your own protein bars? Here are 10 easy-to-follow recipes you can make yourself to sustain your body muscles.

10. Oxymoron Chubby Hubby Bars

Ingredients: Natural peanut butter, unsweetened almond milk, calorie-free sweetener, salt, stevia extract, oat flour, vanilla, brown rice, protein powder, chopped pretzels, and mini dark chocolate chips.

Cooking instructions: Mix the peanut butter, sweetener, almond milk, stevia extract, and salt in a bowl while protein powder and oatmeal on another. Combine the 2 mixtures together. Add chocolate chips and chopped pretzels. Finally, lay it on a pan and refrigerate overnight.

9. Blueberry Bliss Bars

Ingredients: Rolled oats, whole almonds, dried blueberries, pistachios, ground flaxseed, walnuts, pepitas, sunflower seeds, honey, unsweetened apple sauce, and almond butter.

Cooking instructions: Combine all ingredients except for butter, apple sauce, and honey. Add honey and apple sauce then mix it before adding the almond butter. Once done, transfer it on a pan for refrigeration.

8. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars

Ingredients: Soy crisps, soy protein powder, powdered peanut butter, water, agave, chopped peanuts, chopped pretzels, and peanut butter chips.

Cooking instructions: Process the soy crisps first with the use of blender before mixing it with soy protein powder. Add agave, water, and powdered peanut butter then cook it on medium heat until boil. Put all remaining ingredients before pouring it on a pan for refrigeration.

7. Strawberry Bars

Ingredients: Freeze-dried strawberries, unsweetened shredded coconut, whey protein powder, vanilla, almond milk, and dark chocolate.

Cooking instructions: Process the strawberries and then add the whey powder, vanilla, and coconut before mixing it with almond milk. Pour it on a pan and refrigerate it until solid. Cut it into bars and cover it with melted dark chocolate.

6. German Chocolate Bars

Ingredients: Oat flour, soy protein powder, cocoa powder, pitted dates, pecans, shredded unsweetened coconut, brown rice syrup, vanilla, and salt.

Cooking instructions: Mix the ingredients except for brown syrup, vanilla, and dates. Once done, add the remaining ingredients. Lay it on a pan before storing your homemade protein bars in the fridge for 5 days.

5. Ginger Vanilla Crunch Bars

Ingredients: Butter, maple syrup, coconut milk, vanilla protein powder, protein cereal, oats, chopped almonds, sunflower seeds, finely chopped ginger, and shredded coconut.

Cooking instructions: Melt the butter on medium heat and then add the maple syrup, coconut milk, and protein powder. In a separate bowl, crush the protein cereals into smaller pieces before adding oats, sunflower seeds, almonds, and ginger shreds. Combine both mixtures in a single bowl and transfer it to a pan for refrigeration.

4. Quick ‘N Easy No-Bake Bars

Ingredients: Oat flour, whey protein powder, rice crisp cereals, salt, almond butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract, mini dark chocolates, and coconut oil.

Cooking instructions: Combine the flour, rice crisp, protein powder, and salt in a bowl before adding almond butter, vanilla, and maple syrup. Place it on a pan and store it in the fridge. Once solid, cut it into bars and cover it with melted dark chocolate.

3. Fudge Brownie Chocolate Bars

Ingredients: Black beans, cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, salt, honey, stevia, coconut oil, vanilla extract, baking powder, and chocolate chips.

Cooking instructions: Preheat your oven to 350° F while processing all ingredients in a blender except for chocolate chips. Add the chocolate chips and stir it well before pouring on the pan for 16-minute baking. Once done, store the fudge brownies in the fridge overnight.

2. No-Bake Almond Fudge Bars

Ingredients: Oat flour, quick oats, vanilla protein powder, crispy rice cereal, almond butter, honey, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips.

Cooking instructions: Mix the quick oats, flour, rice cereal, and protein powder in a bowl and set it aside. Melt the almond butter over medium heat and add the honey. Mix it with the dry ingredients in the bowl and transfer it on a pan. Store it in the fridge and once solid, cut it into bars and drizzle the melted chocolate chip on top.

1. “The Best” Homemade Bars

Ingredients: Chocolate protein powder, oatmeal, natural peanut butter, honey, milk, and crushed peanuts.

Cooking instructions: Mix everything except for crushed peanuts. Form the mixture into bars and roll them on crushed peanuts before storing in the fridge for an hour.

You can create your own oat flour by processing regular oats in the blender. You can increase the amount of stevia extracts as well, instead of adding sweeteners for taste. Follow these recipes and you will always have delicious workout snacks with you.

If you find yourself lost while making your homemade protein bars, then please send us your inquiries and suggestions on the comment section below.