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Specforce Abs: A Review

When asked to write this Specforce Abs review, I was, to say the least, somewhat sceptical of a program that promised to deliver noticeable improvement in just six weeks. But, for a reasonable price, and with a sixty ­day money back guarantee, what is there to lose apart from some middle­-age spread and there is a lot to gain.

Special Forces Training

Sounds impressive right? And so it is! The program is designed by a former SWAT member and employs the same methods used by Special Ops units throughout the world to improve your core strength and body function. The program works equally well for men and women but the BIG PLUS is the fact that a flatter stomach and well­ defined abs just happen to be a very desirable side effect to building core strength.

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If, like me, you have been through the usual grind of sit­ups, lifting weights and running as a means of staying in shape, you will know that it is hard work and even harder to maintain a regular regime of exercise. While there is certainly work involved in the Specforce Abs training program, it is broken down to target five different areas and the exercises are easier and more effective than so ­called “standard” exercises to improve your physique.


Five Factors

Designed by military experts, and refined over the years, to increase performance as well as physical strength, the Specforce Abs program is based on five factors

  1. Abdominal Armoring
  2. Asset Stacking
  3. Fixed Angle Contraction
  4. Tissue Quality (TQ) Work Ups
  5. Strategic Target Selection

5 Factors Specforce Abs

The above may sound very military and technical and, in truth, they are but they are common sense exercises that are designed to train and tone the body’s core which leads to improved strength and performance. To sum up, you will be stronger, faster, more agile and your physical appearance will improve greatly.

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Fields of Action

The body’s abdomen is the powerhouse that supplies strength and drive. This is why the Specforce program focuses on the abdominal muscles in its “Fields of Action”.

  • Rectus Abdominis. The muscle that joins the pelvis to the rib cage and is the basis of what is commonly called a “six pack”.
  • Obliques. External and internal obliques define the waistline. The stronger and tighter the obliques, the better your waistline will look.
  • Posterior Chain. Covering the lower back area, buttocks and hamstrings, Specforce Abs training strengthens and tones the entire area while at the same time improving your posture.

One Step at a Time

Specforce Abs don’t promise overnight miracles but there should be a noticeable improvement within two weeks if you follow the step­by­-step handbook. What they do promise is an effective and fast training program which are still used my military training schools today.

The program is designed for core body strength and fitness and a slimmer body with great abs is just a happy by­product. As such, it is suitable for both men and women and age is not a barrier either whether you are nineteen or ninety.








No Pain, No Gain .. No Risk

Yes, there is work and exercise involved but as the saying goes “no pain, no gain. The good news is that Specforce Abs offers a 100% refund if after sixty days you are not totally happy with the course handbook and results. Can’t say fairer than that!

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Amazing Abs Solution Review

If you are tired of trying to lose that stubborn belly fat and getting zero results then the Amazing Abs Solution is the right system for you. What most people don’t know is that when they are trying to lose weight from their stomach, the exercises they are doing are doing them no good. When doing ab exercises the right way, your body will start to respond and give you the abs that you desire. You don’t have to go to the gym or do endless sit-ups. It is truly amazing how all of this works.

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The Amazing Abs Solution is a 12-week program of various workouts that teach you step by step how to do this specific core-building exercises that will help create that six pack you have always wanted. This system uses what is called the Metabolic Compounding effect which uses multiple muscles and joints to tone your body effectively. The workouts that are included in this 12-week program are tested and proven to give you toned abs faster than ever before. There is no cardio involved and no diet changes.

There are no pills or phony secrets, it is simply putting the knowledge of the Metabolic Compounding effect to work by teaching you how to target the muscles that need it most. The videos that you receive with this program are 12 complete workouts that have audio that is clear and walks you step by step how to utilize this process. No video snippets that get you started but don’t finish the job. Every single detail is explained so you won’t be left wondering “how did he do that?”

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When you purchase this program you get the following:

  • 12 follow along videos that guide you step by step through each exercise.
  • MP3 audios of every single workout which makes it easy for you to take these exercises wherever you go.
  • Pictures as well as an exercise tracker so you can monitor your progress.

The Amazing Abs Solution is like having your own personal trainer without all of the pressure and cost that comes with it. If you have tried just about everything to get those abs where they should be then it is crucial that you get this program. The Metabolic Compounding effect really works and can ultimately change your life. No gyms, no diets, no weird smoothies, just the real thing.

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